Thursday, 8 February 2007

07/02/2007 - Poole Town 2 Lymington Town 1

ACCORDING to the programme, matches between Lymington and Poole Town always produce fireworks of one sort or another and this was no exception, albeit more like a couple of rockets than roman candles, writes Peter Stoneman.

Also I am happy to say that my presence helped to snap the Dolphins five-match losing streak against Lymington, although it was played out in front of the lowest crowd of the season at 92 and the first under 100.

Poole just about deserved the win but it was not a very convincing performance against a team down to 10 men for over an hour of the game.

Poole's players had obviously been listening to Tommy Killick’s pleas for discipline as I have never seen them behave so well on the pitch, even Taffy Richardson was quiet.

Last Saturday against Totton they had two players sent off and a further four booked mostly for dissent. It was the third time this season they had collected multi bookings which costs the club a lot of money.

When I got to the ground on a very cold evening the grass had been cut and rolled and the pitch looked in the best condition I’ve seen it.

From the kick off Lymington were the best team and I just cannot understand what goes through some players’ heads. Paul Sims was booked for a nasty trip after about 15 minutes, then did it again three minutes later and much to the Poole supporters' annoyance got away with a ticking off.

Five mins later and he fouled Taffy Richardson from behind (he just lay there) and Sims was off.

Poole then went on the ascendancy and 10 minutes from the break popped in a goal the keeper should have stopped.

Just before the break they scored their second but the lino had his flag up for offside. The ref either didn’t see the flag or he ignored it and the Lymington players and bench went berserk but all they got for their protests was another player booked.

The 10 men, with the strong wind behind them, defended really well in the second half, broke dangerously and Killick was going demented in the dugout as the Dolphins continually gave the ball away.

With 20 minutes to go Poole’s midfield messed about on the edge of their area, surrendered possession, and Lymington's little winger, Kevin James, was bundled over in the box – penalty.

The Lymington bench went nuts again when they saw he was going to take the penalty himself and sure enough it was saved by Big Max but he couldn’t hold on to it and in the melee James was fouled again – second penalty.

Darren Crook who the bench wanted to take the first one put it away effortlessly. Lymington pressed hard for the equalizer and but for a superb save from Max from a thunderbolt from Steve Marwood they would have got it.

A good match to watch on a chilly night.

Poole Town