Saturday, 20 January 2007

17/01/2007 - Maldon Town 4 Arlesey Town 1

TWO matches in two nights, perhaps a bit cheeky, but a prior deal had been struck for two passes and I felt obliged to hold my side of the bargain.

Originally I wanted to go to Potters Bar Town to see them play Harlow but this match fell victim to the heavy rain and so I revisited Maldon Town, although it's not strictly a revisit as when I went to Maldon Town back in 1981 it was at their old ground (Fambridge Road?).

I've been past the current stadium on a number of occasions but never been on the inside so it was a new experience although the temperature was a bit cold and I was feeling the effects of the extra time and penalties from the previous late night. Getting old. :o(

How can I describe Madon? Again the pitch sits inside a sort of bowl on one side with an incline behind the back straight which presumably leads down toward the river area. Couldn't see if it did or not though as it was too dark.

On the home straight there is the bar/clubhouse/changing rooms facility which is new and modern although the bar was going under a refurbishment.

A big blow at the start of the match though... No programmes! Something to do with a technical failure at the printers... Grrr.

There was a lot of rainwater in and around the stadium, but the pitch looked in good shape and indeed played well.

Arlesey took the lead in a close first half through a goal from Michael McKenzie although Maldon equalised just before half time when Dean Parratt scored direct from a free kick.

Then during the break there was an absolute downpour and the second half became something of an ordeal for me as the temperature dropped even further, with the stands as they were offering little shelter. The wind was pointing in such a direction that it just swept the rain straight in and up into the back straight grandstand.

Maldon emerged as the dominant side through two goals from Steve Wareham and one from Lee Perry. But I was just waiting for the ref to blow up so I could shoot back to the car and get the heater on...

Maldon Town
Arlesey Town